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The Perfect Couple

There is a new male living in my home. He has whiskers, a middle-age paunch, and orange hair. We cuddle a lot. His name is Jack and I have fallen completely in love with him. Did I mention he’s a cat? We found each other with the help of a matchmaker. Jack was living at Rescued, being fostered for the Moline Animal Aid Humane Society. My friend came on weeke

nds to keep him company and give insulin injections. My own cat had passed away a few months before, and my friend thought Jack and I might make the perfect couple. I thought it wise to begin our courtship slowly. I came with my friend to visit him after hours at Rescued. He was shy at first, hiding in the closet for a while, but before the evening was over, he was lying with his head in my lap. In the course of a few more visits I learned about his habits, his food and his injections (which are simpler than one might think-- he barely notices). With my friend offering to act as back-up should I go out of town, I finally popped the question-- would he like to come and live with me? He didn’t answer in so many words but his eyes said yes. The official adoption was straightforward. Rescued offered to help with the expense of the insulin, if needed, and generously sent along his well-loved bed and belongings. My friend accompanied us on the trip home and stayed a while to ease his transition. This all made things easier for both of us. He has settled in well. He’s found the perfect places for napping, continues his habit of opening cupboards and delights me with his loud purring. I know the staff and customers at Rescued miss him, but he now has a forever home and we are both so happy! One might say we’re in our honeymoon phase but I think this honeymoon is here to stay.

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