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"Tomba" doing well and enjoying life in his new home

For over a year, Tomba (that handsome dark tabby cat) was Rescued's store greeter. He was up for adoption from Homeward Bound Waggin' and was spending time at Rescued so he would have better exposure for finding a home. Then, around 6 months ago, Tomba was given a second chance at life when he was adopted by Kendra Harvey. Kendra tells us that Tomba really enjoys being her only pet and takes his twice daily insulin shots like a real champ. If any of you ever met Tomba, you will recall he could be quite a character although he has settled down being in such a good home. He loves to have his head and chin scratched sometimes (he lets you know)!!! And since he likes to set his own schedule, Tomba enjoys spending his days getting up at 6AM to play catch with his ball or play in his cat tunnel...loves being in the window or laying in the closet...but his favorite new "activity" is napping in the attic.

Tomba...we miss you at Rescued but are delighted that we were a stepping stone to help you be able to have a new life where you will always be loved and cared for. As Kendra says..."Tomba makes me smile every day and adds life to my life". And Tomba has a wonderful new life thanks to Kendra. It's a win/win for this lucky fellow and his new "Mom"!

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